Water Shaker Card… Who Knew?!?!

Today, I saw a card made by Dorothee Coudroy and I HAD to attempt it. I just couldn’t believe that there was actually water in the card. She has a tutorial on her YouTube channel, so I decided to check it out. Unfortunately for me, the tutorial was 100% in French, and while I could understand about 1 in 10 words (my French is BEYOND rusty}, the tutorial was so well done that I was able to grasp the basic construction concept. I am so thrilled with the results!

Here is the color palette used for this card

I changed a few things from Dorothee’s card, but kept it pretty close to see if I could make it work. I honestly didn’t expect to have such great success right out of the gate!

If you need any of the supplies used to make this card, just click the “Add to Cart” button and it will do the work for you. (Sorry, it won’t make the card for you!)

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Happy Stampin’!